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New poster with block v2

Kevin Rose has designed a new A4 poster advertising for stamps, postcards etc.  You can download the poster so that if you would like to, you can put it on notice boards at work or in a shop window or a local hall board.

Kevin has left space in the box at the bottom of the poster so that if you want to have your contact details put there, it can be ‘personalised’ with your contact details to be the local collector. If you wish to have a poster with an additional name and address on it to act as a collection point please contact him telling him what you want put in the box. Otherwise the text box with Kevin’s name in it is fine, if people just want to advertise the fact that we collect stamps.

Kevin makes quite a lot of money for us and it seems that people will collect the most unlikely items when it relates to stamps and post cards. they even collect the empty stamp books the ordinary red and blue ones which will have had first or second class stamps in them!