DaliMiles was launched at the British Dalmatian Welfare Fun Day on 7th June 2009. It recognises Dalmatian owners who give their dogs plenty of exercise.

Owners log the distances they cover exercising their Dalmatian on an official record card. Approved forms of exercise include walking, running, jogging, cani-cross, tracking, cycling, horse riding and carriage driving. Please suggest any other form of exercise we should add to the programme.

The programme has five levels and when your Dalmatian completes a level, it is eligible for an award. To ensure we recognise the Dalmatians’s capability for endurance, only distances of 5 miles and more can be logged. Dogs that achieve 50 miles are awarded Level 1, and for those who keep going, level 5 recognizes an amazing achievement of 1000 miles.


We are now proud owners of two Dalmatians and are currently fostering a third, thanks to Dalmatian Welfare. I think the spots must be catching! One of our best experiences is watching them all bounding happily across the countryside. Having plenty of opportunity to run seems to be central to their health and happiness. Of course, we also like to see them return promptly upon recall! They are now enrolled in DaliMiles, have their Starter level certificates and are just beginning level 2.

If you would like to enroll your Dalmatian in DaliMiles you can download information, rules of entry and entry forms from the British Carriage Dog Society website or contact me here.

Maggie Gallop