What was the Dalmatian bred to do?  The answer is “To run”!

Canine Cross-Country Running is an activity and sport that both you and your dog can enjoy, you can have fun training together and ultimately competing together.

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This sport took its inspiration from a way to keep huskies fit during the Summer months when there is no snow on the ground to pull sleds over.  The idea is simple, you harness one or two dogs to yourself, instead of a sled and then shout “Mush” and off you go! Of course there is a bit more to it than that if you want to stay safe, upright and compete. Your dog needs a harness designed to be comfortable to run in, you need a padded waist belt with an elasticated lead that absorbs the tension between you and your dog. It is also a good idea that you teach your dog to respond to commands, such as left, right, slow, steady, stop etc

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There is also a lot more detailed information on this site about how to get started and what is involved so if you are interested in finding out more then please check it out. Link to the CaniX website.

Kindly written by Josie Kaal (no 39 in the picture above) and our Welfare secretary!!! Reproduced with her kind permission.