You can help us, help Dalmatians in need!

British Dalmatian Welfare is entirely funded by the generous gifts of Dalmatian loving individuals.

We do not have an office or any employed staff, (though I am sure sometimes we feel like we need an office and half a dozen paid staff!) all of the people are volunteers and their time is donated freely. The co-ordination of the whole charity is done from our own homes (normally aided by our own faithful spotted friends!)

We incur many costs; the common ones are vets bills, kennelling costs and the telephone. Of course, we do not want to place any Dalmatian into kennels, however on occasion we have no choice (sometimes we are told to collect the Dalmatian immediately, and a suitable home may not be available within the few small hours we have!)

Some of the Dalmatians have ongoing medical issues (we meet these costs in order to secure the perfect home for that dog). We also contribute towards any costs for spaying/neutering (we do this to safeguard against future breeding). If a Dalmatian has been neglected in any way we incur the vets bills in order to bring to you a healthy and happy dog.

Sometimes we pay for retraining or behaviourists, whatever it takes to ensure that the Dalmatian is a happy and balanced dog who can settle into his/her new forever home with ease.

When Dalmatians are matched with new homes, sometimes they can be many counties away from each other and our volunteers tirelessly transport dogs across the country – giving their time freely and only being reimbursed for petrol (the cost of which is always increasing!)

British Dalmatian Welfare has never received any direct financial support from the government, we rely solely on our fundraising efforts, the fundraising efforts of the general public and donations.

As an individual there are many ways you can give to help the Dalmatian.

Every contribution, no matter how big or small, will go towards helping needy Dalmatians. Every penny is spent solely on the Dalmatians, no wages or office costs are ever incurred. Every penny is ALWAYS greatly received.

Thank you for your support