Welcome to the British Dalmatian Welfare website. Our aim is to help, support, offer advice, and help re-home Dalmatians whatever their background or breeding. As a registered charity we rely on the voluntary help we get from The British Dalmatian Club and its hundreds of members and our network of friends of welfare nationwide all of whom are very experienced and knowledgeable about the care of Dalmatians.

Adopting A Dalmatian

If you feel a Dalmatian is the only breed for you then please have a look through this Website, particularly at the advice,  happy stories and living with  sections. Adopters can check out the advice and dogs waiting pages we regularly update these. There are always Dalmatians in need of new homes coming to us every day so please check back frequently. Of course some of these are young family friendly Dalmatians that are easy to re-home and others may be older and need less exercise, some may need some re-training. All will require a loving, caring home! If you are interested in adopting a Dalmatian, please call our adoption co-ordinator on (07976) 360468 (24 hour answer phone) or contact us page on the website. Our co-ordinator will discuss your circumstances and our adoption process.

Rehoming your Dalmatian

If you need to find a new home for your Dalmatian, please call our Central Co-ordinator on (07905) 495084 (24 hour answer phone) or email us via the contact us page on the website. Our co-ordinator will discuss your Dog’s circumstances and our rehoming process.

Do you need advice or financial assistance?

If you need advice about your Dalmatian his or her health, behaviour, diet or any other problems you have encountered please contact our Central Co-ordinator on (07905) 495084 (urgent enquiries only) or email us again via the contact us page of the website.  This can include help with vets bills for dalmatians in need. We review any request for financial help both short and long term and assist where we can. We always want to discuss an treatment with a vet before agreeing to fund it, but we will help any Dalmatian whether it came from us as a rescued dog or not.