How much does it cost?

Adopting a Dalmatian how much does it cost?…. “How much do you charge”?

When thinking about adopting a Dalmatian or indeed any breed of dog you need to consider the following; A Dalmatian will require good quality food low in purines, insurance to cover illness or injury and the associated costs of kennelling/dog sitters/collars/leads/toys/treats/bedding etc, etc. If you take on a young dog these costs could be for twelve-fourteen years or more. Realistically can you and your family afford the costs involved with owning a Dalmatian?

We receive lots of money from our amazing donors and our committee and supporters work hard to raise funds across the country and throughout the year. In the past few years we are increasingly being left money from supporters estates which can really support our work and we have been amazed at how generous our benefactors can be.

Our main source of income day-to-day comes from donations paid by our adopters. Typically we charge £150 for an adult Dalmatian but we may ask more for puppies under six months of age. We may waive any fee for older dogs, this is to reflect the fact there may be higher insurance and/or medical costs associated with owning an older dog. We always recommend that adopters get their dogs insured. We can support dogs with existing, chronic medical conditions, but like any pet owner we expect that food, vaccinations, worming and new conditions will be paid for by any dogs adopter.

We ask that vet fees for existing conditions are discussed between our re-homing coordinators and your vet. We often find significant savings can be made by adopters paying for prescriptions and  then purchasing specialist diets, drugs and treatments on-line. Please understand that we are a small charity and our resources are finite.