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A year ago I visited Sally who lives in a village with her 6 year old son, Harry. Although they hadn’t had a dog before, I felt she had lots of warmth, love and time for a dog that hadn’t been so lucky previously – ideal for a timid or slightly nervous dog that would really thrive in this happy house.

This liver bitch was frighteningly thin, and new owners could be daunted at the prospect of a dog who clearly hadn’t been fed and might have dietary issues initially. When we arrived at Sally’s, she threw open the front door and emotionally said ‘I can’t believe you’re going to let me have such a beautiful girl !’

Although the dog was scared at first, she soon became attached to Sally and Harry. Harry decided he would help by camping out on the living room floor for the first few nights, so the dog wouldn’t be frightened. We spoke regularly over the coming weeks, and it was soon clear that they were forming a great bond.

Zonnie2Harry called his new friend Zonnie, and how bonnie she now is. When I visited three months later, Zonnie has put on weight and has a glossy coat. Her eyes sparkle and she is obviously very comfortable in her new home. She’s been to the woods, fields, lakes and the beach, and is almost inseperable from Sally and Harry.

When I thank Sally, she looks astonished and talks about the huge difference Zonnie has made to their lives. I know Zonnie would wag her tail too.

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