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Zena’s settled.

Zena is a 6 year old bitch who had lived with her previous owner since she was a puppy. Her owner was out at work all day, leaving her on her own and she felt it was unfair to her. Zena was moved from Nottingham to Surrey, to a new family who already had a male spaniel and 2 cats! She took quite a while settling in – about 3 months in all, particularly with the cats which she used to chase.

Zena also had a go at the resident dog, as well as others she met when out. She was therefore muzzled for a while to prevent her doing anything silly, until she got used to meeting other dogs and having lots of good experiences when meeting them. Her new owners have persevered and now she has finally settled into her new home, with all the changes that brings.

Zena, like many dogs we have through rescue, had got out of the habit of going out for walks, meeting dogs, people and just generally doing things that normal dogs do. Many dogs are not taken out at all for months, by their previous owners, so they just forget about being a normal dog, and the sort of behaviour that is required of them, in both ours and dog society. It’s thanks to adoptive families, like Zena’s, who give their time and patience, that our rehomed dogs eventually settle down and have a lovely new life.

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