Male, 11 years old

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Zar is a 5-6 year old male Dalmatian who was born 01/07/2012, and is completely blind. He went blind a year ago when his owner gave him medication meant for cattle to prevent fleas and ticks. His blindness is permanent and complete. Zar needs a very special home, with another dog who maybe would be happy to wear a bell on his collar so Zar knows where they are. An uncluttered calm home where he can make a mental map of the place and gain confidence in his environment. A set structure and routine. An owner who won’t mind wearing the same perfume or aftershave day in day out so he always knows where they are and who it is.

If you think you could offer Zar that special home please contact Elli Sibthorpe of Save A Spanish Spot on 07500 734039. Website

Adoption donation of £400 applies and a home check will be carried out.


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