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When I lost my old boy Josh   in February I knew I couldn’t  last long without another dog as we always had a pair and Skye had never been a single dog.  As I  enjoy showing I had for many years either bred a litter or bought a puppy.  Now as I approach seventy I knew this wasn’t an option.  I was also doing my stint as Welfare Co-ordinator so knew all about the dogs on our books.  I was spoilt for choice as there were six old boys, two ten year olds, three aged 9 and and one eight year old.  My husband worried that by taking on an old boy we might not have him for long but agreed to give it a go.


So now we have Zak who is a really large ten year old, the tallest dog we have ever had.  He is an absolute joy, walked in as if he had lived here for ever.  Next door’s children arrived to see him that first day and he took all their admiration in his stride.   Like Josh he is my shadow and always likes to be near me but will sit at my husband’s feet in the evening if I am busy.  He arrived with two tennis balls and obviously regarded my large ball strewn garden as doggy paradise.  It is difficult to do any job in the garden, even mow the lawn without having a ball dropped at your feet or in front of the mower.  Skye has got him totally sussed. I throw the ball, Zak chases after it and brings it back and then she mugs him for it.  They play and play together.  For anyone wondering about adopting an older dog I can’t recommend it enough.

Anne Gurnsey

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