Willow and Wizard


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Hello I’m Willow (Poppy) and me and my litter brother Wizard (Patch) came here to join these two people in May 2016 as we had to find a new home. It was a bit scary getting into a strange car and then arriving at a strange place but they seemed ok and it looked like dogs had lived here before so we smiled a really good Daly smile each and it has turned out ok. These bods needed us as they had lost their teenager Lurcher and someone had to look after them.

We thought we would have a quiet life with no children around and them being retired but it has not been so. The first week we were off to Cornwall and since then we have been all over, even doing bed and breakfast in a pub and they say we are very good. Well I wasn’t at first I was a bit worried about things and kept going for other dogs and didn’t like new people. We do go to training classes and have just taken the Bronze award and I am ok with people now and dogs I know, so they are pleased with us.
I have palled up with Her and Wizard with Him so we each have a buddy. She throws sticks for me which is great fun and I lay by her feet in the evening and get my belly rubbed. We have lots to do, they have horses and Wiz and I can sniff out rabbits and pheasants and chew sticks but we are not allowed to help poo pick, I don’t know why but they don’t like it.
I think I will be all right here.


Hi Wizard here, I do lots of stuff with Him outside and I like to listen to the farm next door, I am happy sitting in a field, I check he is ok every so often and get a fuss. I also helped lay the matting in the stables while Wil helped with the gardening. We are outside a lot with them and love that and can play chase. I also sit with him in the office and love to look out of the window. I like going out in the car too as I can people watch. We did camping which was good as we camped in a wood, and we went to the beach. We go to cars shows too with Her car and the people in the club seem to love us too. The food is ok as well and when they eat so do we, and we get to share a fish supper after dog training as a treat and the vet said we are ok and the correct weight now. There are five grandchildren too and they know where the biscuits are and all it takes is big brown eyes a paw and a sit to get extra. Yep I have settled here ok and they seem very pleased with us judging by the hugs.
Oh I hear dishes, sorry we have got to go, dinner time. Love Willow and Wizard.

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