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William4We adopted Eddie, a liver and white dog from Dalmatian Welfare in February 2000 when he was only 8 months old. This is our story in the hope it may provide a small insight into the hard work and ultimately immense reward that comes from adopting a Dalmatian.

Day One

We met the Dalmatian Welfare representative at Warminster Service Station on a sunny, cold winter’s morning in 2000. Out of the car sprung this beautiful liver and white Dalmatian called Eddie. After taking turns being dragged around the car park we signed the adoption papers. In the time it took to drive home to Bournemouth we became great friends. He spent most of that evening pinning me on the sofa and licking me mercilessly! Eventually he settled down on his new blanket on what would be his corner of the sofa for the next 10 years and dozed off. As he slept we discussed his name and soon decided to rename him William.

William2Our First Christmas

Almost a year after we adopted William and Christmas was upon us.Before we had a dog we almost cringed when friends told us the fortune they’d spent on their pets, but somehow it now sense we spent a fortune on William and he was a very spoilt boy! Not to mention the Christmas dinner….. which we all paid for that evening in the nasal department!!

Kinder to let him go

In the summer of 2004 William developed a serious problem with his inner ear canal and required several operations. The poor animal was really struggling with it and after many operations and drug treatments our vet suggested removing a vital part of William’s inner ear, which would almost certainly leave him totally deaf on one side. With the other ear also showing signs of the same problem developing it was time for a serious family discussion with the vet. Whilst numerous dogs of all breeds live without hearing, we felt that living only a few hundred yards from a busy road would be unfair on him. After nearly an hour with the vet, we finally agreed to try one final dose of extra strong medication. Happily it worked and no more treatment was required.

William3Cut a long story short

Over the years William had grown to become the best dog anyone could wish for. He became a therapy for my grandfather who is terminally ill with cancer and a favourite with everyone in the area. Even people that didn’t generally like dogs loved William. His big smile and waggy tail became his trademark and he knew exactly how to use it and get a biscuit! Over the years he developed a real personality and became more than just a dog – he was part of our family.

A Very Sad Day

Midday on Tuesday 29th December 2009 and we returned home to find, unexpectedly, our beloved friend at peace lying in his favourite spot on the bedroom floor. The family are all devastated by the loss and we can’t imagine what it’s going to be like without a spotty face smiling at us when we walk through the door.

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