Male, 10 years old

Image of Dog


He is 4 years old, black spotted and castrated.  He loves people and lives with teenage children but not cats.  He does pull on the lead and definitely needs training on recall. He is good with dogs that he knows but fearful of strange dogs as he has been attacked so will need work on this. He requires rehoming due to his owner’s allergic reaction.

Our assessor found him to be a lively friendly bouncy dog.  He does pull on the lead and a harness is used although he doesn’t like it being put on. He is never let off the lead because of his poor recall.  He met our assessor’s dog in a very friendly manner and walked happily beside him.  He will need work on both his recall and socialisation with other dogs but our assessor thought he was very trainable. She thought he needed a home with an experienced owner, either as a single dog or with an older dog or bitch


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