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Tommy’s Nanny’s house again. This time when my two spotted friends came out to meet me we didn’t bark at each other. I wagged my tail and I think they were pleased to see me – I think they remembered me. We went for a walk and then in the house, in came my belongings. I made myself at home and helped myself to their bed and I found a bone!

As I said before, I have never lived with dogs before and I quite like it. Gracie is really nice, she isn’t too bouncy as she is nearly 9. Pebbles takes more getting used toas she has far too much energy for me but then she’s only 2 and she’ll grow out of it.

I watched Gracie and Pebbles playing, and plucked up courage to have a go. It was really good – I feel so proud. I love going for walks with them but I let them go ahead because I can’t keep up and they just run round in big circles which is very silly.

I used to think it was funny when Gracie and Pebbles snuggled up in the same bed – I didn’t fancy getting squashed. Then when I was in bed yesterday, Gracie got in and snuggled up to me. I was a bit worried but didn’t jump out this time. It is a lot warmer in Winter.

I used to have a few nasty experiences with other dogs, but I now realise not all dogs are like that. Its time to go back home in the car soon. I’m not sure I’ll let Pebbles in my bed, I expect she’ll fidget too much, but I will miss my friends at Nanny’s house. I have learned a lot here – who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

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