Tilly & Missy

Female, 17 years old

Image of Dog

Tilly and Missy are both ten, they will be eleven this year. Although not litter sisters they are only six weeks apart in age and have always lived together.  Tilly is the leader and Missy is the follower of these two bitches but both are friendly towards people and both wanted a lot of fuss when met me by the assessor. Both are good with visiting children and the owners 12 year old daughter.

Neither dog would go for a walk on their own and squealed and cried when our assessor tried to separate them so in the end they were walked together. But our assessor did not meet any other dogs when out and according to their owner when out and they meet another dog Tilly barks to protect Missy and she will join in with the barking. Both pull on the lead and walk on a harness. Both dogs in the past have attended local Dalmatian “Dally” Rallies where they were quite content with all the other dogs around although were not let off lead.

Their rehoming comes as a result of a relationship break up and the dogs are left for up to twelve hours a day but cause no damage as they are company for one another. They will need some retraining to help them get used to being around other dogs again and get back into the swing of having a ‘normal doggy life’ with regular walks and experiences. Dalmatian Welfare is willing to help with any costs associated with this if required.

Missy in sea

Missy has spot between her eyes

Missy on left Tilly near the door

Missy on left Tilly near the door

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