Thor ( Spanish Spot)

Male, 9 years old

Image of Dog

Thor is currently in the care of Save A Spanish Spot. If you would like further information or to adopt him, please contact Save a Spanish Spot direct.

Thor is a gorgeous 4 year old liver spotted Dalmatian. He is a very loving affectionate boy who is social and gets on with other dogs both Male and female. He currently weighs 35kg. Thor did have problems with scratching. He has a flea bite allergy and needs regular treatment for fleas. He will also need to be on a good quality low purine diet. Due to his scratching he had caused Hematoma’s on his ears. This has been operated on and no further treatment is required.

If you would like to adopt Thor please get in touch with Elli Sibthorpe on 07500 734039 or contact Save A Spanish Spot through their website

Home check and £400 adoption donation apply




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