Terry ( Spanish Spot)

Male, 8½ years old

Image of Dog

Terry is a three year old male Dalmatian. We were asked to help him as he was in a pound in Spain. Terry is a lovely boy, who is blind in one eye. He had an ulcer which was left untreated which has caused irreparable damage to his eye causing him to become blind. He can see well out of his other eye and it does not seem to affect him too much.  The vet has said that no further treatment is needed. We will be monitoring how he gets on while he is in our care. Terry is an active, affectionate boy, a typical young male Dalmatian and would suit an active home with loads of adventures. He would benefit from training and a routine and boundaries. Terry is currently in foster care in Spain.

If you would like to adopt Terry please contact Lucille Sibthorpe from Save A Spanish Spot on 07500 734039

Adoption donation of £400 applies and we will carry our home checks.Website www.dalmatianrescue.co.uk.


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