Male, 2 years old

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He is 9 months old and not yet castrated.  He is quite large already He is in a foster home and this is what is fosterer says
Stanley is so loving and is motivated by cuddles, scratches and praise over and above treats.
He is a  boisterous  puppy who does not realise how large he is. He needs and enjoys long walks or runs to wear some of the energy off but he still has plenty of energy to play afterwards.
Being a puppy he wants to climb all over you and nibble your ears,h e also gets very jealous of the laptop and anyone else you may happen to be with, he wants to join in.
Stanley gets on well with other dogs I have never had any trouble with him in this regard. He just loves to play racing up and down, up and down and all-out.
His favourite toy is the snake squeaker which he chews and fetches.
He is well behaved and good on the lead, although he knows not to pull,  when he does he knows the commands not to. He is quick to learn and has learnt many commands in a short time. He is also very intuitive and works some things out for himself.
We live in the countryside and have taken him to the river and the seaside, he has loved both.
We also took him exploring around the town he was very well behaved and basically got mobbed by people wanting to pet him and telling him how handsome he was. It took a long time to not go very far.
He is getting a positive reputation, people in the area have started coming up to me and asking ‘is this Stanley?’.
His negative point is, he gets things from the kitchen and deposits them in the garden, sometimes chewed some times not! For example a box of 12 eggs was taken out and the eggs were intact, my sons girlfriends shoe on the other hand was destroyed. I think it’s when he’s a bit bored and wants attention.
He needs lots of love and attention, he needs his brain to be kept working and he needs plenty of exercise. He would I think be fine living with other dogs maybe a family with older children who can train and play with him and possibly adults who run?
He is totally gorgeous.
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