Male, 9 years old

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When we collected Sidney from the foster careers’ in December we had no idea how much our lives were to change because an eight-months-old puppy about to embark on possibly his fourth home was not what we had planned.  It has been quite difficult with the short light hours and we seem to forever be getting ready for the next walk.  But Sidney now has pretty good recall and lead walking but still has to learn the boundaries around the house – our bed is a favorite game place when he is discovered upstairs which is supposed to be pet free.

But he is truly the happiest and affectionate dog and believes the whole world (humans and dogs) all want to meet him.

The picture shows him (nearest) with our other rescue Dalmatian called Cracker (see page 8 of Happy Stories) who is now 9 and it really is a joy to see them running together.

Our thanks to all those at British Dalmatian Welfare but especially to the foster careers, Ron and Maggie, who looked after Sidney for the month before we had him and did all the vet visits and started his training which must have been exhausting.

Natalie Jones

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