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After the passing of our beautiful Dalmatian Welfare male ‘Mr Loxley’ in September 2008, my elderly father said he would love another dog. But not any dog – it had to be a Dalmatian and could I get in touch with the Dalmatian Welfare. We collected Sasha, an 8 year old Dalmatian, on December 5th 2008 and we were amazed at how well she behaved she was in our car, on the way to her new home. It occured to us how nerve racking it must have been in her little world, to be suddenly taken from one universe to another, in one day.

Once home, Sasha was very calm and immediately installed herself on the sofa and we all laughed at the speed of her wagging tail. Now of course, we realise it was nerves and her way of hoping we would all like her. Now we are in January 2009 and we can honestly say what a beautiful Dalmatian Sasha is. She is very feminine, very girl, and hates the cold! Her favourite thing is to be snuggled up beside us, wrapped in her blanket! Last call of nature at night is an hilarious display of bolting back indoors and straight back onto the sofa, ready to be wrapped up for the night! LOL.

She has the knack of reversing the whole Z shaped length of the kitchen and out into the hallway, when she knows it’s too busy in there while I’m cooking an evening meal. One thing we really love, is her deep expressive eyes – she has a nick name – angel eyes. So beautiful. She has her ‘mad’ moments, when she has a sudden burst of energy, where we play on the floor. I have discovered that she actually ‘giggles’ when I tickle her tummy – such a funny sound from a dog.

Her other favourite trick is to be a little madam, as displayed and caught on camera, during the holiday. Having put out crumbled bread for the birds in their swing tray, I was washing up and happened to look out of the window. There she was, deftly standing on her hind legs, like a circus trick dog, tucking into their feed! Little monkey!

We are so thrilled that Sasha is here with us – my father adores her and loves the gentleness and affectionate nature she displays. She has certainly made the Summer arrive into our house early. I am especially grateful to all at the Dalmatian Welfare. Huge thanks to Christine Breden, Nina Byles and Anne Gurnsey, for a perfect match for me and my family.

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