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Sacha is a 1 year old bitch who came from a home with young children and where the owners were not able to give her the time and attention she needed. She was rehomed with an older couple who’s daughter-in law Tracey, had had a Dalmatian from us in late 2007. Tracey writes after a couple of weeks:

Sacha2Sacha is doing really well and has settled in with my in-laws a treat. What a lovely dog she is! She was a little unsettled about travelling in the car, but as every day goes by, she is getting better and better.

Myself, my husband and my in-laws all met up yesterday and took her out for a long (very muddy) walk together with my Rhodesian Ridgeback and my two Dalmatians. When Sacha got out of the car she “smiled” and that was great to see.

I must say she was the muddiest dog when we got back to the cars! We did try and get her to go in the river to wash some of the mud off, but she wasn’t at all keen on that, so we didn’t push it, as I know that my two Dalmatians don’t like water very much and will only paddle if they have to.

Please pass on to her previous owners that she has made four new friends, these being my Ridgeback (Belle) and two Dalmatians (Bobby and Jazz) and she lives with an American Cocker Spaniel (Immy) I will say that the only minor problem my in-laws have with Sacha is that she jumps up at people whe she is out for a walk and is off lead, but i’m sure this is because she is still young. I’m sure we can get it sorted with a bit of gentle persuasion! Please would you also pass on my thanks to all at British Dalmatian Welfare for finding such a lovely dog.

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