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Ruby is a sweet little girl, slightly smaller than the average Dalmatian – small in size big in heart.  With our Labrador Sally having passed away a couple of years ago we were looking for a new dog to join our family (Sarah, my wife, and Elsie our 4 yr old) We were struggling to find a suitable dog, given our little girl and looking on the internet it seemed Dalmatians were a good option –loyal, family focused and active (we like our family walks) Dalmatian welfare were superb, from the home visit to getting a true understanding of our requirements. In addition they gave us all the pro’s ( many!) of a owning a Dalmatian, as well as the con’s ( none really!)  We were highly confident that they would match us with a suitable dog and it was with excitement that we were told in October that there was a bitch called Ruby whom may suit.

We drove to Birmingham with a view to meeting Ruby and if we got on, taking her home there and then.  When we met the foster family it was great to see how settled she was with the foster’s children (of similar age to ours) we got a good history about Ruby and it was explained that she had had an unsettled start in life.  It was great that she was spayed, vaccinated  and chipped and we fell in love straight away, so  paperwork was done and Ruby came home with us.

The journey home was interesting as Ruby is not the best traveller and we had a lot of whining (we had been warned) but we got home and Ruby had the usual sniff around the house and promptly fell asleep on the sofa (the no sofa rule quickly changed to only part of a sofa, which has now changed to Ruby cuddling up to anyone who sits on the sofa).  The first night we were expecting some crying but we had a quiet night and in the morning as we went downstairs we were met by the biggest smile possible.  It took Ruby a couple of days to fully settle as she would raise up at any noise, but in a matter of a week she was perfectly at home.  She loves her walks in the woods (her recall is good, but slightly selective!) and she has been booked in for some training just to tighten things up!  The highlight of Ruby’s day seems to be (apart from food time) lying next to our daughter before her bedtime and listening to a story.

When we said we were looking at getting a Dalmatian the most common things we heard were “they need so much exercise”! – which is true but Ruby is pleasure to take out – she has a couple of hours of walking during the day and a short walk at night with a mixture of lead and free running and boy can she run, but it’s great to meet all the other dog walkers and it is nice when they all say how beautiful she is.   People also said how daft they can be, but we are under no doubt that she is a very intelligent dog (albeit slightly mischievous)

Ultimately the highlights of having Ruby include the smiles that greet us in the morning or if we have been out and the way she just loves a snuggle and cuddle regardless how small the space is to get snuggled up.  We have now had Ruby for nearly three months and her true character has really come out..true she is still a little nervous of strangers, but she is a real member of the family and we can’t think of life without her.  We are so happy and cannot thank Dalmatian Welfare enough for matching us with Ruby and the ongoing support when we have been in need of a little advice.

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