Female, 18½ years old

Image of Dog

We recently received this from a couple who adopted Ruby back in 2008, it makes the work we do at BDW so worthwhile to hear that Ruby found such a wonderful home where she was much loved.

Michael and I adopted Ruby in Nov 2008 she settled in a few days later we took a Christmas photo of Ruby when she came to us she had presents bedding and coats. We sent a photo through you for her former owners a few months later we had a phone call from you about the photo could it be used in the Dec 2010 calendar we agreed and purchased copies for our family. Over the years she has given us much pleasure in the letter we received it said she hated greyhounds two friends had this breed and she befriended them we took her on West Wales Dally Rallies it was lovely to see the all running together she had a great time but when her back legs got bad she could no longer go no medication helped then a few months ago she got Cushins disease but with the right medication she was OK however on May 8th 2019 her back legs gave out so we had to put her to sleep. She was missed by children dogs and people in the town even now people comment on Ruby. Michael and I are devastated and miss her badly a beautiful dog was Ruby she would have been 14 years old in July.


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