Female, 8½ years old

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ROXY – 3 year old black spotted, neutered bitch.

Due to change in working hours, 3 year old Roxy is now looking for a new home.

She is used to an open crate in the kitchen when the owners are out, and can be left for 4 hours. She has the run of the home, and sofa when they are home.

Roxy is extremely protective of her space and the environment she lives in.

Roxy came to her current home at 6 months of age, one of 4 puppies remaining from a litter.  Our assessor believes that some of her challenges are due to this, and lack of socialisation during that crucial time.

Roxy needs a very experienced Dalmatian owner, who is willing to work with her to help overcome her challenges and who has the patience and time that it will take time to bring her to her full potential.

Roxy needs to be an only dog in the home with no small or visiting small children.

BDW will be willing to help towards behaviourist costs to help Roxy.

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