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Welfare had a call about Rosie a week before Christmas. She had lived with a family from a puppy and they were moving to a smaller place. It was almost as if they couldn’t be bothered with her any more. Her vaccinations were out of date and she wasn’t being walked. Maria Hobbs and her two daughters agreed to foster her.

Rosie2Nadia age 15 writes : Rosie came to us aged 11, on New Years day. She was a small, black spotted bitch who wasn’t very talkative, if you know what I mean. She spent most of her first days with us standing around and waiting at the back gate, waiting to be taken home. We didn’t know why she would like to go back, she lived in a flat and didn’t get out much. She had a liver problem which she probably contracted at her old home, we think she was given chocolate at a young age.

She soon settled in for her retirement and came into her own. She had never had any jabs or anything and she also had bad back legs, which would give way when she went on to a slippery surface. After a couple of months with us she improved greatly and became her own self.

She had never been out on long runs like we normally give our other dogs, so when she first went out on one of the long walks, she went shooting off behind the other dogs, but not being able to keep up, being 11 and all, she never used to come back, which wasn’t good news for me because I was the one that had to go and get her back.

After that she stayed with us for 2 years and 8 months in total. Sure it wasn’t very long, but we enjoyed having her and she will never be forgotten by us.

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