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Well, what we can say apart from a huge thank you to Dalmatian Welfare who have matched us up perfectly with Rosie our new Dally girl. It’s been 6 weeks since she arrived and turned our tidy house into chaos but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We have all fallen in love with her and all our family and friends thinks Rosie is gorgeous.

On the morning we met her she had traveled in 3 cars and had come a fair distance from London. But as soon as we saw her we knew that she would be a great dog for us. She jumped in the car and slept all the way home. She came with a lovely card from the family and I’m sure those first few days their house must have felt quite empty and we knew they would be missing her dearly.

Rosie is a very loving, gentle, friendly and playful girl but most of all she just loves to cuddle up and have
After losing our beloved Dalmatian Amy 2 years ago (our deaf and very old dally of 13 years) we couldn’t imagine being so blessed again as to find another fantastic girl. So thank you for letting us adopt her as she is just perfect. Caroline and Dale. lots of fuss. Rosie is keeping us all fit with her long walks in the country and in the local woods where she loves to chase squirrels and birds, but never gets close! Rosie likes to bury bones in the vegetable patch and likes to meet all dogs on her walks.

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