Male, 1½ years old

Image of Dog

Roly is 1o months old, and liver spotted,  he is being rehomed due to a family member developing an allergic reaction to fur.

Roly has lived with another  smaller dog but not with cats. Roly is currently not receiving enough exercise or mental stimulation and as such is a little boisterous and very playful. He is happy to meet other dogs out on a walk, and always wants to say hello. When meeting strangers he may be timid and might bark but he will soon come round.

Due to the playful nature of Roly, we are looking for a home with older children 8+.  Roly needs to continue his training so you must have enough time and commitment for this lovely young boy.


If you would like to discuss Roly and are an approved BDW adopter please call us on 07905 495084 if you are not yet approved please call 07986 360468


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