Male, 13 years old

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Rolo is 8 years old, he’s lived with his present owners from a puppy, but change in circumstances means they can no longer give him the things he needs.

Rolo is neutered and microchipped. He currently lives with a female Labrador without any problems.  They do have to be fed separately though.

Rolo  is a large Dalmatian and very strong on the lead.  Recall does need some work.

Whilst there is a 5 year old child in the home, and a new baby on the way.  The owners are concerned that due to his size, he may knock the child over, so for the past 5 years the dogs have had their own room separated from main part of the home.

We would therefore recommend that he is adopted by an adult only family.

9th December: Rolo is now in a foster home with two other much younger dogs and is getting on well with them. He doesn’t pull on the lead and has good recall. He requires some veterinary treatment mainly on his teeth so will be having this done before he is available for adoption in the new year.

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