Female, 8½ years old

Image of Dog


Purdy is an 18 month old black spotted unspayed bitch who needs to be rehomed because she is fighting with the other 4 year old bitch in the home. She is generally fine when out with other dogs and is off lead, she is used to cats, is a busy dog as the saying goes and needs a lot more exercise than she is getting for such a young dog. We think alot of the problem is having two bitches of similar age in the home with Purdy not being speyed because they are fine when it comes to food but she is becoming possessive of her owner as well.  She is a compact strong dog who will need some work on her recall and walking on a lead. And she only comes back when she feels like it. In view of her boisterous behaviour we would not rehome her with small children. she is probably due to come into season very soon.

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