Image of Dog

Portia is an 8 year old bitch who lived with another very young bitch, whose owner could no longer care for them, as she had a nervous breakdown. Both bitches were rehomed on the same day, the younger one going to live in Devon & Portia going to an older Lady living near Brighton, who had had Dalmatians before. Beryl, Portia’s new owner writes:

I am enclosing a photograph of Portia. I thought you might like to see her posing in her favourite arm chair in my friend’s conservatory. Notice the back leg & undercarriage – we have just come back from the fields, which are very muddy at the moment & of course Portia finds all the puddles & loves chasing all the birds & rabbits. Thankfully they can hear her coming!

The Vet fell in love with her when I took her to have her booster in January, she lifted a paw to shake hands with him & was rewarded with a dog biscuit!

She isn’t too happy when I put her leash on, but I know she thinks she should still be running in the field & forgets that it is me at the end of the leash, but I know we will overcome this eventually. She is such a lovely girl & I want to thank British Dalmatian Welfare very much for sending her to me. After losing my other darling Dalmatian, Portia has made such a difference to my life.

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