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Pongo loves being outside and is outside all day. He loves the beach, the sea, playing ball, sleeping on my bed (naughty!), munching me out of house and home, being with the horses and loves his family.

At times it has been hard and I will admit it. Taking him on has been one of the most demanding things I’ve ever done. His hearing is selective, his attitude is enormous, his attention span is like one of those of a gnat; but his contentment with just going for a walk and being around people he loves has changed the way I view my life and I wouldn’t change him for the world. He is so intelligent, loving and if I am being honest this dog has saved me way more than I have him. I was at such a bad place last year and this dog has picked me up and made my value every second of life so much more. My family love him and everyone comments on how beautiful and well behaved he is. Everyone needs a dally in their life, he has filled my life with laughter, love, tears and happiness.

He is perfect and thank you for giving me such a beautiful dog and creating my best friend, he is the only one who never let’s me down. I never go anywhere without him and we are hoping to get him a friend when we move out later this year. He is whistle trained, knows: sit, speak, flat, stand, spin, left, right, bed, car, ball, paw, high five and is starting agility this month! He has taught me so much like how to appreciate the little things and to never take life too seriously!Pongo B
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