Male, 11½ years old

Image of Dog

Pongo  is in a foster home in Norfolk and can be visited. For some years he was kept in a shed and garden so his foster carers are working  on his socialisation with both people and other dogs.  We think he is around 7 years old, he has not been castrated as we wanted him to settle and lose some weight first. He is really enjoying home comforts.  His fosterer says  “We took him into town today to socialise Pongo with people and it went  better than I expected. He let people approach him and he was  receptive to all except for one man. His tail was wagging as we walked  around but meeting people it stopped, but promising all in all.

He is definitely work in progress and hasn’t met other dogs off lead but is defensive on lead.   However there were other dogs in his original household so it may just take time.


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