Male, 13½ years old

Image of Dog

Pongo is a 7 year old male Dalmatian who was dumped in a Spanish pound covered in injuries. After examination by the vet there were old and newer wounds which led them to believe he was used as a stud and bait dog most likely. He was put on the put to sleep list at the pound as no body wants a “defective” dog in Spain and we were asked to help this poor boy. Since arriving in foster care Pongo has shown a lovely generous personality and loves his cuddles and attention. He has got on well mixing with large and small dogs, male and female. This boy just wants to be loved and have some fun.

If you would be interested in adopting Pongo please contact Lucille Sibthorpe of Save a Spanish Spot on 07500 734039 www.dalmatianrescue.co.uk Homecheck and adoption fee apply

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