Female, 8 years old

Image of Dog

Pixel is a much loved seven year old girl who needs a new home, regular walks and a routine. She is deaf and has been trained to hand signals. At the age of two she was attacked by two small black dogs and is therefore fearful and aggressive with most dogs. She is not let off the lead unless she is in a secure area and there are no other dogs around. She is possessive over her food bowl but took treats gently from our assessor. Her owners now have a toddler and are worried that the little boy will grab her when she doesn’t hear him coming. Their house is not big enough for the two to be separated.
If you have a home with no other dogs, cats or young children and are interested in Pixel please call our adoption line on 07976360468 and mention Pixel. We have a backlog of calls which have accumulated over the holiday and will be giving priority to applicants for Pixel. If you have already been home checked but would consider Pixel please call our Central Co-ordinator on 07905495084
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