Male, 8 years old

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This is Pirate, a beautiful Dalmatian Pointer cross who is 1 year old. Recently arrived from Spain he is currently in foster care in County Durham.

Pirate was found wandering the streets and put in a pound. He was poorly and the pound put him on the put to sleep list. Save A Spanish Spot stepped in and rescued him and paid for his veterinary treatment so he could get better.

He had a piece of string attached to a piece of metal which he had swallowed in his intestines. When operated on they realised that the string went all the up and was tied around his tongue. With his body moving the metal through his body the string had become tight and cut into his tongue, stomach and gut. It had then tried to heal around it.

He has fully recovered from his ordeal and is gaining weight steadily. He does not require any further treatment. He is on a sensitive diet food but the vet feels he should be able to be put on a good low purine diet in the next month. Pirate is a typical full of bounce Dalmatian. He is loving, friendly, loves to play with other dogs, like being part of a family and gorgeous.

Home check and adoption fee apply    Contact Lucille Sibthorpe 07500 734 039

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