Picasso (Spanish Spot)

Male, 8 years old

Image of Dog

Picasso is a 3 year old male Dalmatian currently in the care of Save a Spanish Spot. For further information of adoption enquiries please contact them directly


Picasso is a lovely boy who was born blind and partially deaf. He does not let this hold him back at all, loves to play, loves to cuddle and learns his environment quickly. He can go out on walks as any other Dalmatian, he just bumps into things so needs nice open spaces to exercise in, not woods or cliff edges. Picasso is currently living with a female Labrador and he adores her. We are waiting to see how he gets on with other Male dogs. Picasso is a very capable and independent dog who would love a forever home. Because of his disability we would recommend he is not homed with small children, just because he may knock them over or get a shock if suddenly grabbed.


If you are interested in adopting Picasso please contact Elli Sibthorpe on 07500 734039 or through their website www.dalmatianrescue. Home check and an adoption donation of £400 applies which includes transporting the dog legally to your home in the U.K.



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