Female, 14 years old

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Phoebe is black spotted, spayed bitch aged 8.  She hasn’t lived with children or cats but does live with her daughter Betsy. Her owner was terminally ill and has since died. Phoebe is being walked by friends.  On her own she can be let off lead and has good recall and is fine with other dogs.  Her owner would have like her to be rehomed with Betsy if possible but they are also fine apart and can be walked separately without getting distressed.

Phoebe and Betsy

Phoebe (aged 8)  and Betsy (aged 5) are a mother and daughter pair whose owner has died and they are being looked after by a friend in Cornwall. They can be visited by arrangement. They are both black and white spotted and spayed.

Although they could be rehomed together they have been separated a number of times in the last year as their owner’s health declined and both were happy.

Phoebe could do with losing some weighty.  She is easy going, loves her food and is used to visiting children. She has a high prey drive so will chase rabbits or cats and her recall does need some work and could benefit from further obedience training.

Betsy is kept on a lead around other dogs as she can be unpredictable with them and protective of her mother. We feel that her behaviour is better when she is a single dog and not with Phoebe.  She can only hear in one ear.

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