Male, 15 years old

Image of Dog

Patch is 8 years old, black spotted and  recently castrated. His owner has dementia and has had to go into residential care.  Patch is currently in a foster home in Essex where he can be visited. There are cats in the foster home so he is now very used to them. Patch has not lived with children. Patches overall health was not good when he was taken in by the fosterer – has had a few teeth extracted and his general overall health restored is now fine and ne now pulls on the lead he has good recall.

He still has his moments and can be aggressive towards other male dogs but the lady fosterer is also a dog trainer so she is working very hard on this thinks this will decrease over time. Our assessor found him to be an attractive and very friendly dog who has now recovered because of the exercise he has been having, he has put on a bit of weight and now has some muscle tone.  Patch has curvature of the spine due to two fused vertebrae – we will provide a veterinary report to anyone interested in him and if necessary support with any costs or medication should this be necessary in the future.

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