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Several weeks ago we were contacted about Pablo a Dalmatian in Crete, Greece. He was desperately looking for a new home.

The charity that was caring for him in Crete told us about the hardship for companion animals in Greece. There are no organisations like the RSPCA to help, just volunteers who do the best they can with very limited resources. Generally, the dogs have very hard lives and Pablo was no exception. Loved as a puppy when he was cute and cuddly but then the family lost interest and he was banished to live his life on the roof of an apartment block. He spent his whole life on the roof, no walks, no company, and no games. Then, his owners divorced and neither wanted him at all. Lucky for him, he was found a place in a shelter. Do not imagine shelters are like they are in UK, they are very basic, but he had food, a roof, and he was safe.
British Dalmatian Welfare agreed to host him on their web page for adoption. His rescuers were totally overwhelmed by the response! They were contacted by several people some interested in adoption and others just asking if they could help. One of British Dalmatian Welfare volunteers, who his rescuers have dubbed “a guardian angel”, offered to pay his expenses to prepare him and then to transport him to the UK. This person wishes to remain anonymous but his rescuers wish to thank them with “all their heart”.

After discussions and home checks, Pablo was found the perfect new family, a previous adopter from British Dalmatian Welfare and he flew from Greece. He is now in his new home, which will be very strange for him after living on a rooftop! His new owners are experienced Dalmatian owners and I am sure they will meet any challenges with confidence. He is such a very lucky boy.

Mo the UK representative for the charity who rescued him said,

“I cannot thank you all enough for your kindness and your practical help. Pablo’s story had a happy ending, but many are still waiting. If you are interested in the groups still working in Greece to help these poor souls, please check out ‘Gouves Animal Shelter’ and ‘Amber’s Hope Animal Rescue’ on Facebook.

Until recently I had lived in Crete for twelve years. I understand the struggle that animals face every single day in Greece, and I have nothing but admiration for the people who rescue them. I have not named those who helped, for fear of omission, but you know who you are and you have given this boy a future. Thank you from Pablo’s rescuers, and from Pablo, who is now starting his life as it should be.”

Mo Watson



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