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Hello’ my name is Ozzie. I’m five, so my ritin and spalling isn’t that good and my typin skills are a bit ruff as my paws are really big and are not used to the keyboard. But I thought that now I’ve settled in with my new family I’d let everyone know how I’m doing. I’ve been lucky, although I was very sad to leave my old family and still think of the good times we shared together. Sadly I wasn’t able to stay with them any longer, but thanks to everyone at Dalmatian Welfare I was able to find a new family who love me with all their heart and wouldn’t swap me for anything. Not even a bowl of strawberries, my favourite fing there ever is.

Maybe it’s because I keep them warm on the sofa or make them laugh when I jump around like a little sheep or sneak into their bedroom every morning for a cuddle or make them cry with my terrible wind? Or maybe it’s because my old family taught me how to behave like a gentleman and be nice at all times to everyone? Who knows?

But best of all is I now have a really annoying little brother called Mr Whippee the whippet. He’s not like me. I’ve counted how many spots he has and there are none. He’s a naughty lad who keeps running away with my toys. No matter how fast and hard I run I can never catch him. But we go everywhere together and I look after him when we’re out as I’m older and know what to do when I’m called so he copies. I also never go anywhere on a lead as I’m a good boy who doesn’t go too far unless I see a horse. That’s when I get confused and bark and bark and bark.

Like many dalmatians, I have crystals in my wee but a special diet doesn’t stop me from doing anything different – I still wee on dads prize flowers whenever I get the chance. I like exercise too. Lots and lots. I am fortunate to get at least 2 full hours a day and at weekends I get more as we go cycling too. I set the pace and Mark and Jen my new mum and dad foloow puffing and panting behind. I love weaving through the wodds and doing doggy paddle in the cool streams and rivers around the Surrey hills where we live.

Bestest best thing of all though is I’ve never ever ever stopped wagging my tail. And never will for as long as I live.

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