Male, 8 years old

Image of Dog

Ozzie is a little over three years of age.  He is a liver spotted, castrated, boy who lives with his current owners and another boy dalmatian, aged 5.  He also has one blue eye which makes his expression quite engaging. Ozzie is trying to assert his authority with his older companion and, rather than let things get out of hand, his owners have decided that, maybe, Ozzie would be better placed somewhere where he is an only dog or, perhaps has a little lady companion.  Something along his own size as, like all dalmatians, he does like to play.

Ozzie is fully hearing, travels quite well, though can cry a bit, shows no aggression towards other folk nor their dogs, unless the other dog shows aggression first, and will pull on the lead – but his recall is excellent – always providing there’s a bit of cheese involved!!

Ozzie is not good with younger children as he likes to steal their food but has experience of older children 14+ years.  Yes, food is important to this young man – as it offers physical and mental stimulus – like a lot of dallys – should he get bored he will make up his own entertainment – not something we would recommend. His reaction to cats is unknown as he has never had any contact with them so we would suggest a home without cats would be high on his list of priorities.

If you feel you can offer Ozzy his perfect forever home please do not hesitate to contact our Adoption Coordinator and he/she will take you through our adoption process. Awaiting assessment






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