Female, 4½ years old

Image of Dog

Oreo is 4 yrs old, black spotted, microchipped vaccinated and has been spayed.

She is looking for a new home due to a change of circumstances, she is a much loved pet.  She has been well trained and has good recall, she is well socialised with people. Oreo is wary of some dogs as she has been bitten whilst out on a walk, we feel she will be happier as the only dog in a home.  Oreo hasn’t lived with cats.  She has met children and plays happily with them.

Below is some information from Oreo, typed by her human staff….

I love going for a run in the forest almost as much as I love the beach and a dive in the waves. My humans live on the beach so I’ve spent a
lot of time there.

I know many commands, most of them with hand signals (sit, down, come, heal, wait, In your bed, search, fetch, go, high five, double high
five, paw, other paw) and I enjoy so much learning more! For example I know the names of my owners and when they tell me to go to one of
them, I know which one to go to. I also know the word ‘NO’ but like a true pedigree Dalmatian I choose when to hear it. I am also trained to
wait patiently for the ‘go’ command when being fed, so please remember this otherwise I will be waiting for ages in front of my bowl to
inhale my food. My humans have always fed me on a fish based diet which I love. My favourite treats are boiled eggs, carrots, cheese, apple
slices, celery and Ice cubes. Oh and don’t forget BLUEBERRIES!!

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