Male, 3½ years old

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Oreo  is  a 17 Month old Male Dalmatian,he is looking for a quiet home with no other dogs or  young children.

He is in good health, house trained, and good while traveling in a car. He walks well on a harness, and has a good understanding of basic commands, sit, lay, wait etc, his recall is typical of a young Dalmatian, who wants to be off exploring, he could benefit from some additional training. He sleeps downstairs on his bed or on the sofa, and is happy to be left alone for short periods.

Oreo currently lives with a cat, which sometimes he ignores, but might chase if he was allowed. Oreo is the only dog in the house, when meeting other dogs outside on a lead, he is good and mostly ignores them, he has not had off lead interaction with other dogs.

Oreo has been living in a house with younger children,  he is friendly and loves cuddles and to play with a ball, but he is a large adolescent male, and as such can be very excitable and boisterous, which results in a humping behaviour, so we are looking for a quiet home with no children or any other dogs. Oreo is wary of strangers and will back off or become excited when meeting new people, and as such he doesn’t cope well in busy / strange environments.

Oreo will need time to adjust to new people and surroundings, and will need some additional training and plenty of exercise. He is currently entire,  BDW will assist towards the cost of castration.

Oreo is currently waiting assessment, if after reading this, you think you may be the person for Oreo please read the page above titled ” looking to adopt” then contact our Adopters phone on 07976 360 468


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