Male, 5½ years old

Image of Dog

Oliver is 5, liver spotted and soon to be castrated.

Oliver is much loved and is only looking for a new home due to his owners ongoing medical condition.

He has been enjoying walks with a dog walker in a group of  7 dogs and was quite happy, he has excellent recall as he knows that results in a tasty treat. Our assessor found him to be friendly and affectionate, he was well behaved and listened to his owner. Oliver likes a cuddle on the sofa, and sleeps in his own bed at night. He has been well cared for and loved, he has lived with a cat, and currently lives with 2 small dogs and would probably enjoy having some company with a female dalmatian.

If you are interested in Oliver and are already an approved adopter with us please call 07905 495 084

If you are interested in Oliver but haven’t yet completed our approval process please call 07976 360 468

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