Male, 9 years old

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Nemo is a gorgeous 2/3 year old male Dalmatian. Unfortunately he has spent the fist couple of years of his life either locked in a bedroom or chained in a small yard. He was not shown any love and was possibly hit as well. He was rescued recently and is currently in foster in Spain while medical checks and vaccinations are done so he can travel to the UK.

While in foster he has come on in leaps and bounds. He has been introduced to other dogs, and although cautious at first he has learned to love to play with other dogs and enjoys their company. He is learning to trust humans although still flinches when you go to stroke him, he is allowing us to make a fuss of him and I’m sure he will learn to love cuddles as well.

We are looking for an experienced Dalmatian home for this lovely lad who so deserves a chance to learn what being part of a loving family and home is all about. He has shown no signs of aggression, he is just timid and nervous. He will need a patient home who understands the issues his past may have caused and the love and care to turn him into the beautiful confident Dalmatian we know he can be.

Homecheck and adoption fee apply.

Contact Lucille Sibthorpe 07500 734039

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