Male, 11½ years old

Image of Dog

Murphy will be five in June, he is black spotted and castrated. He lives happily with a six-month-old baby and is used to visiting children. He hasn’t lived with cats. He pulls on the  lead and is said to be good with other dogs. He has good recall.  His owners love him dearly but are struggling to give him the attention and exercise he needs.

Our assessors found him to be a happy friendly boy, slightly shy for the first 30 seconds, calm around the 6 month old baby. he did pull a bit on the lead on his way out for a walk but not on the way back. Sadly we didn’t meet any other dogs when out so couldn’t observe his behaviour around other dogs. Murphy is definitely enthusiastic if not over enthusiastic when meeting people, particularly when out as he jumped all over our assessors. How much of this behaviour is due to his lack of regular exercise we don’t know but his owner says he has always been very excitable when out. He is a little over weight due to lack of exercise. A nice dog.

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