Male, 5½ years old

Image of Dog

Murphy is 1 year old and is currently in kennels waiting for a new home, to apply please follow the link below to their web site. Raystede say anyone who is interested can fill in the form from their website, and they would be happy for him to go to one of our approved homes.

Murphy is very high energy and intelligent boy that likes to be involved with everything that is going on. He will require a home with experience of training and breed experience is preferable. He will need a strong commitment to his training, he is boisterous and excitable around people and other dogs so needs to learn how to channel the energy into acceptable behaviours. Requires a home with plenty of mental stimulation as well as physical, rural walks and a garden as loves to explore with his nose. Any children in the home will need to be older teenagers that are confident around large breeds and able to participate in training. May be able to live with another dog but personalities will need to be matched carefully. Not to live with cats. Is used to being left for a couple of hours maximum. Not used to travelling in the car regularly. Please research breed type prior to enquiring.


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