Mr. Sully

Male, 10 years old

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Mr Sully, Male. Approx two-years-old.

When we collected Sully from the foster carers’ we did not know
what to expect from this approximately two-year-old boy who was possibly
coming into his fourth home!

After a difficult start but with the support of Valerie (British Dalmatian Welfare) and Jean
(Behaviourist) Mr Sully has come on leaps and bounds (literally!) and he
responding well to us and is getting pretty good with his recall. We can
see he enjoys nothing more than a good run off his lead.

Mr Sully is learning his boundaries in the home and garden but prefers our
bed rather than his own at night – work in progress with his night time

Mr Sully wakes up every morning with the biggest smile on his face and loves
his morning routine, so well in fact there are no more lie ins for us!

He is a truly affectionate boy who loves a cuddle.

Our thanks to the British Dalmatian Welfare & his fosterers Geoff and Cass
(and Millie off course) for rescuing this amazing Dalmatian.

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