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We first came across the British Dalmatian Welfare after deciding we wanted to re-home another dog, as our first dog Poppy (a female Dalmatian who we also re-homed) was getting on in her years. I read through all the fantastic information they had to offer, as well as the lovely happy stories before finally sending in our application.

After all the protocols and a few months of waiting we received a phone call about a dog, who we were told at the age of only about one-and-a-half has already had six homes! We were told he was currently being fostered by a lovely lady called Lynsey down in Devon, and that we were able to take Poppy to meet him to see if they got on.

On arriving we were greeted by an extremely waggy tail (and bum) and a pair of big doughy eyes which we instantly fell in love with, and so decided to take him home the same day. To my surprise, the big bundle of energy instantly turned into a sleepy cuddly ball of fur, who slept curled up next to me for the whole three hour car journey home.

Monty (previously known as Bailey) has now been with us for just over a month and has most definitely made himself at home. Him and Poppy are becoming more and more settled with each other every day. They both enjoy playing together on long walks, Monty especially enjoys meeting other dogs and chasing his ball and after an exhausting day I’ve even caught Poppy and Monty snugged up together on the sofa. Monty has now also joined Poppy at her hydrotherapy swimming sessions which he absolutely adores. Any place he gets to play with toys and fetch sticks is definitely not a bad place in Monty’s eyes. We also hope to take him to agility classes soon, however we may need to work on his clumsiness first as like one lady we met claimed, “he has four paws on the end of each leg which don’t seem to be connected”, but we love him all the same.
Like most Dalmatians (and most dogs) Monty loves his food and was a little overweight when we took him on, but he has done really well and lost 2 kilograms since the middle of November. Monty is proving to be a fantastic dog so far (apart from the occasional counter surfing). He has a brilliant re-call, walks lovely on the lead, loves other dogs and has such a lovely happy-go-lucky character which everyone adores. Dad is also happy that he now has what he calls his “proper dog” especially as Monty is such a big handsome boy, and he fits into our family perfectly.
We all adore Monty, we could not think of being without him and look forward to having many more exciting adventures with him and Poppy.
Thanks to Valerie and all at British Dalmatian Welfare for all your help matching this fabulous boy with us.
The Coumbe Family.
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