Male, 8½ years old

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Monty has settled down nicely and is really enjoying training he joins our other Dalmatian Benson- he has progressed from one to one training to a class of four and loves doing agility!. He is so clever and has picked up commands really quick and learnt some tricks. He is still unsure when meeting new dogs for the first time but his confidence is growing and soon gets over his anxiety. I know that he would really love to run free and play but at the moment he stays on a long lead as he does not like sudden loud noises, like motorbikes, which does stress him out and he will run off. It has been hard work at times to get him where we are now but he is a lovely boy who is truly a part of our family and really loves cuddles and belly rubs most of all.

monty 2 monty and benson

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